Roblox Anime Mania Script (2022)

Anime Mania script are the most convenient way to add gems and other materials to your character roster.

Yakrus created and directed Anime Mania, a game owned by Anime Legend Studios. Anime Mania, which was released on January 23rd, 2021, is a game in which you travel through your favorite anime universes and clear anime-themed waves. Collect your favorite anime characters to gain access to new worlds. Level up your character to increase its damage output.

Without further ado, here is the best and most up-to-date anime mania script to use right now.

Anime Mania Script Features

Anime mania script features include:

  • Auto Farm
  • Gem farm
  • Auto Play
  • Auto Join
  • Auto-attack/combat
  • Teleport to mobs
  • AntiAFK
  • and more
Anime Mania script
Anime Mania script

Anime Mania Script Pastebin

As previously said, there are dozens of anime scripts available online, including on sites like Pastebin. The problem is that it’s so difficult to find a solution.

Script 1 – Gem farm

game.Loaded:Wait() — remove this if you wanna manually execute
while true do
if game.PlaceId == 6284881984 then
local args = {
[1] = “Pink Son Monkey Raid”,
[2] = “monkey”
elseif game.PlaceId == 6314042276 then
while true do
for _,v in pairs(game:GetService(“Workspace”).Living:GetDescendants()) do
if v:FindFirstChild(“AI”) then
v.Humanoid.Health = 0

Script 2 – Auto Farm + Auto Join

_G.Level = “Bandit Raid” — Map Selection [“Leaf Village Gate”, “Bandit Raid”, “Chunins Exam”, “Sand Raid”, “Maruto Unlimited Mode”, “Hollow Raid”, “Corrupt Soul Reaper Ambush”, “Vasto Raid”, “Arrankar Invasion”, “Lord Aiden”, “Reaper Unlimited Mode”]
_G.Password = “SomePassword” — set password to w/e, not sure how multiple people using same password works
_G.Distance = “8” — Distance under while farming (8 is default, change as you like)
_G.AttackType = “Spin” — “Spin” will spin around under them, default will just be under them.


Script 3 – Auto play + Auto farm ( semi auto )

loadstring(game//”, true))()

How to run Anime Mania Script

1 – You may get the greatest Roblox script player by clicking on the Vega X post below, if you haven’t already.

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2 – Exploit Enter Roblox and open both the “Anime Mania” and the “exploit” that you downloaded. In the executor’s box, put any of the Murder anime mania scripts given above.

3 – The script GUI will appear after you click the Inject/Execute button. As a result, you may now allow the scripts that you desire.

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