Apex Legends Cheat PC (Aimbot & ESP) Free Download 2023

You have arrived at the best website that has ever been made if you are looking for a free and effective cheat for the game Apex Legends Cheat PC. The apex hack that we provide offers a wide variety of capabilities, like esp, aimbot, aim help, and many more. You are free to download this hack at no cost and won’t get in trouble for doing so.

The Apex Legends Cheat PC known as NuremX makes use of the Nurel AI Training and Model Detection technologies. We spent over 4000 Pictures and 200 Text Definitions training an AI to recognize enemies using a variety of different customizable settings and lines of code.

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Apex Legends Cheat PC
Apex Legends Cheat PC


Creators of this hack:

  • Zurek0x (Developing & Testing)
  • tyl (Developing & Testing)
  • KurkMF (Development Process & Testing)

Note: The information is taken from the official GitHub repo of NuremX.

Apex Legends Cheat PC Features

Script Main Features

  • Lots of customization options
  • Better support for Aim Assist
  • GPU/Cuda Utilization
  • Ryzen/AMD/Intel CPU Support
  • Windows 10/11 & Debian Linux Support

Bypassing Features

These features that get around the anti-cheat do not actually circumvent the anti-cheat; rather, they spoof it in such a way that it is not saved by the anti-cheat and is automatically marked whenever it is recognized as a running process, window, or file.

Taken From Official Github of Cheat

  • UUID Spoofing (Spoofs Title Window & Command Window)
  • Arduino Compatible (Coming Soon, Requires Capture Card)
  • Windows.NT Hooking (Hiding script behind {windows command processor} and {explorer.exe} )
  • Icon spoofing (Spoofing icon of the program)

Cheat official Features

  • Aim-Assist (Customizable With Configuration)
  • Overlay Status and FOV
  • Player ESP
  • Customizable Dataset

What Exactly Is Nurel Network and AI Training?

YOLOv5 AI Training and AI Datasets are utilized by NuremX. We have trained a professional AI to recognize adversaries and entities, and in the near future, things and or objects. This is a more advanced kind of cheating; there is no memory hooking, hex editing, or even process hooking involved. Everything is taken directly from your display, and it will identify the adversaries, automatically aim at them, and indicate where they are located.

We want to investigate this further and come to the conclusion that Memory Hooking and Procedure Hooking/Editing is a time-consuming process. This is especially true in situations when an Anti-Cheat stands in the way of an individual developing a successful cheat application or script.

We don’t want people to think of this as a cheat or an aim assist; rather, we want them to think of it as something they may gain knowledge from. We think that AI Training and Neurel Networks are wonderful and good ways to train AI to execute human activities, and we believe that they are the best ways. As of 2022 and beyond, we are beginning to observe that artificial intelligence is growing more powerful. Also, as computing power increases, we are able to produce about the same amount of power as a human brain.

How to Configure the Apex Legends Cheat PC?

You may change the configuration by editing the “configuration settings.ini” file.

  • 0 = Off | 1 = On
  • welcome_notif = 0/1 | Display welcome notification at startup
  • size_of_window = 0/1000
  • confidence_threshold = 0.10/0.99 | Confidence Threshold | 0.01 = No Detection Strictness (Can Detect Non-Players) | 0.99 = Strict Detection (Must Affirm its a enemy)

Best Confidence Threshold / DECENT > 0.12 / BEST > 0.21 / ALSO BEST > 0.34 / 0.45 / 0.55

  • nms_iou = 0.10/0.99 | Keep same as confidence_threshold ALWAYS
  • mouse_delay = 0.0001/0.9999 | The delay at wich your mouse moves
  • pixel_increse = 1/20 | The speed at which your crosshair/mouse moves at (Sensitivity)

Best Pixel Increse / OK > 3 / GOOD > 6 / BEST > 8 / ALSO BEST > 10-12 / 14 / 16

  • status_overlay = 0/1 | 1 = On / 0 = Off
  • overlay_resolution_X = 1/4000 | Set overlay resolution by the X-Axis
  • overlay_resolution_Y = 1/4000 | Set overlay resolution by the Y-Axis
  • promote = 0/1

Either turn on or off discord rich presence to support the project!

How to install and use Apex Aim Assist Cheat

  1. Start CMD as administrator.
  2. Run the command “python”; if the command is successful, a Python IDE should open; if so, proceed! (If it doesn’t, see the video “How To Add Python To PATH” and make sure Python is installed first.)
  3. CMD should be closed and reopened as administrator.
  4. Run the command ” pip “; if a list of commands and help information appears, proceed! (If it doesn’t, watch the video “How to Install PIP for Python” and make sure Python is installed.)
  5. Then, under the “open-source” folder, run the “setup.bat” file.
  6. After the installation is complete, launch the ” run.bat ” file / If on Windows (Linux users can just install the requirements.txt and then run NuremX.py using Python Command)
  7. Wait for the script to startup and be done!
  8. How To Install PIP for Python > https://youtu.be/Ko9b_vC6XY0
  9. How To Add Python to PATH > https://youtu.be/Y2q_b4ugPWk

Note: For the best fps, lower your in-game graphics- I know this is a problem, but there is nothing I can do about it for the time being. Screen capture along with ai tracking is a major task for the cpu/gpu/ram/etc and requires a lot of processing power.

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