Blacksite Zeta Script – No Recoil, Fly, Guns & More (2023)

Riftline, Developing Maniac, vMalware, Soliform, exp xm, Cyficion, nota lazydev, Shipmaster Caine, and fahatt01 are the developers of the role-playing game Blacksite Zeta. It is in the possession of the Zeta Medical Company, which is a made-up company that receives funding from the government and is rumored to be buried somewhere in the Nevada desert.

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Blacksite Zeta Script
Blacksite Zeta Script


Blacksite Zeta Script Features

  • Weapons
  • Visuals
  • Characters
  • Automatic
  • Teleport
  • Rapidfire
  • Apply gun mods
  • Bullets per shot
  • Disable all gun mods
  • Others

How to Use Blacksite Zeta Script?

  1. The script must first be downloaded from below.
  2. then, watch for the timer to expire.
  3. The script needs to be copied.
  4. Start the game now
  5. After copying the script into the Roblox executor, Paste the script there
  6. Once you’re done, open the executor and Execute!