Bloons TD 6 Hack PC Online | New Free Cheat Download (2023)

Get access to the Bloons TD 6 Hack PC Online using Steam here. This free hack for Bloons TD 6 is so good that it also functions like a trainer, and it has so many awesome features that are not included in other hacks on the internet. This is because we supply you with the very finest free cheats on the internet.

The tower defense video game Bloons TD 6, which Ninja Kiwi produced and launched in 2018, is the sixth installment in the Bloons TD series. Ninja Kiwi developed the game. It was initially made available for mobile devices in the month of June in 2018. The game was moved to Steam and made available to users of macOS in March 2020, but Windows customers had to wait until December 2018 to get their hands on it.

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Bloons TD 6 Hack PC Online
Bloons TD 6 Hack PC Online

Features of Bloons TD 6 Hack PC Online

Here are some of the features of Bloons TD 6 Hack given below:

  • Give 1M Monkey Money
  • Give 1M Trophies
  • Give 1M In-Game Cash
  • Give 1M In-Game Health/Hearts
  • Reprint Hotkeys
  • Level Up – Unlock All Upgrades
  • Give 10K Knowledge Points
  • Unlock All Monkey’s / Hero’s

Keep in mind that we did not come up with these procedures. We have provided the appropriate credit to the hack’s original developer. We are merely providing you with some fundamental information that is available elsewhere on the internet, and we are doing it in the spirit of sharing. We cannot be held liable for the manner in which the tool is being utilized.

How to use Bloons TD 6 Hack PC Online

  1. Simply Install BepInEx IL2Cpp build #353 and start the game up. Place the trainer file in the plugin’s directory.
  2. Make sure you have BepInEx Preview v6 Build #353 for IL2CPP, successfully set up and running.
  3. The folder ‘BepInExPlugins’ is where you should put the file.
  4. Enjoy your free hack for Bloons TD 6 Trainer.


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