Broken Bones 5 Script – Infinite Money, XP & More (2023)

Players in this Roblox Broken Bones 5 script acquire a number of powers, which were created by Developed by Sharp1ne and come with Unlimited XP and Unlimited Money. These are two things that will be of unimaginably great assistance to you in the Roblox game of Broken Bones.

You put yourself through pain in the Broken Bones Roblox game by jumping off a cliff at the beginning of each level. In all honesty, I think that sums up the situation adequately. Zach Zaquille’s creation is a standout amongst Roblox games despite its relatively low popularity.

The purpose of the game is to break as many bones as you can by jumping over a cliff as far as you can. The greater the number of bones you break, the more money you make. The more money you have, the further you can progress in the game. Instead of spending hours or even days getting better at a game, gamers may come to WeCheater and choose from a broad number of cheats and hacks that are completely risk-free to use. This gives them the opportunity to advance much more swiftly. You can browse many Roblox Scripts on our site.

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Broken Bones 5 Script Features

  • Infinite XP
  • Unlimited Money
  • Others

Instructions to Download Broken Bones 5 Script Pastebin?

Be sure to take into account the fact that the script that you are seeking for may be found here, published to Pastebin and titled Broken Bones 5! The script can be downloaded and used without cost. You are need to wait for the countdown to finish before clicking the Download option below.

When the timer expires, you have the option to copy and paste the script into the executor in order to proceed with the operation. Following the procedures outlined below will result in the script being visible in the game as soon as you click the “execute” button located within the executor.

How to Use Broken Bones 5 Script?

  1. First Click Download button below and wait for timer
  2. Again click to visit download page
  3. Copy the script there
  4. Start roblox and the executor
  5. Paste script in executor
  6. First Inject the executor then Execute!
  7. Enjoy the script!!