Cursed Islands Script – Auto Win, Infinite Yield & More 2023

If you are playing Cursed Islands Script on Roblox and are curious about how to hack the game, then you can easily find out by following the instructions on our page and learning how to use script in Cursed Islands. Be sure to check out all of the steps that are outlined below, and then have fun with the script that we have included, which is available for free download and usage.

The “game pieces” in Cursed Islands are plates, but the game has a nautical theme, so it also includes items like islands, octopi, and bays. As the game pieces are plates, the game’s theme is also plates. This game was developed by the team known as Seven Levels, with significant assistance from the users illuzive and nojustethan. illuzive was responsible for working on the game’s scripts and user interface. The majority of the organization’s 147,000 members are sports enthusiasts who follow their favorite teams closely.

Insidious#0763 is the sole creator, or one could say owner, of this Cursed Islands script. He is the one who developed it and shared it with the rest of us. Be sure to thank him down for inventing this fantastic hack script for the players in the game, and make sure you do so. I suggest you to browse our site for many Robloc Scripts

Cursed Islands Script
Cursed Islands Script


Cursed Islands Script Features

  • Auto Collect Coins
  • Infinite Yield
  • Auto Delete Disasters
  • Auto Win
  • Delete Water

How to Download Cursed Islands Pastebin Script?

You can download the Cursed Islands Pastebin Script by first clicking the blue download hack button that is located below, and then waiting for the countdown timer to finish before opening the file. The button to download the hack is located below. In order to put a stop to the countdown, you will need to wait until before clicking again.

You will be taken to the cheatbin page once you have hit the Download Hack button a second time. Once there, you will find the script in a box labeled pastebin on that page. You can either just copy it or download it, whichever you choose. After that, continue on to the following section for further instructions on how to use the hack.

Instructions to use Cursed Islands Script

Follow the steps below to use the Cursed Island Script very easily, without worrying about anything. You just need a roblox executor, free or paid as you like, and then follow the steps below

  1. Download the Script code first
  2. Go to the game now
  3. Also Download any Roblox Executor
  4. Start the Executor and wait
  5. Click Inject button now
  6. Wait for 5-10 seconds
  7. Paste the script in empty area of Executor
  8. then Click Execute Script button
  9. Now, wait again for 5-10 seconds
  10. Go Back to game and Enjoy!


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