FREE Project Lazarus Script | Aimbot & More Hack (2023)

Check out this freshly added Auto Mystery Box Script on our website, which you are free to use if you are looking for a FREE Project Lazarus script. This script was just added. Read the article all the way through, including the instructions on how to use it, which are great for anyone just starting off.

In this multiplayer shooter, you and your teammates must defend yourselves against an endless swarm of zombies. In the video game Project Lazarus: Zombies, you can earn points by destroying zombies and repairing fortifications. Get more powerful weapons and investigate new areas as soon as possible to avoid being overrun by the dangerous zombies.

oooga booga#8497 is the one responsible for writing the script, so all of the credit belongs to him. The Script provides you with access to some of the most useful functionalities right out of the box. We have just uploaded the Auto Mystery Box Script for Project Lazarus Zombies onto this page of our website, and it is available for free download. You can use many fun tricks that we have uploaded to our site for you.

FREE Project Lazarus Script
FREE Project Lazarus Script


FREE Project Lazarus Script Features

  • Auto Mystery Box


Z = Press for Enabling Script

X = Press for Disabling Script

Instructions to Use FREE Project Lazarus Script Pastebin

  1. Visit our website to purchase a Roblox Executor.
  2. Open the game.
  3. The executor must be linked to and started, as well as Roblox.
  4. Just type the script’s code into that field.
  5. Press the button after selecting Inject to start the injection.
  6. It will automatically load if you wish to use the cheat menu.
  7. There you go; rest and enjoy the free exploit.