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strongman simulator script

This is a really good Great School Breakout script if you don’t want to do the obby and just want to go to the end. It takes out the whole purpose of the game but you will be able to see what is at the end.

If you don’t know how to use the script below here is what you have to do

  1. Pick an exploit from this page – Roblox Injectors/Exploits (Free & Paid)
    You can look for exploits somewhere else, but there I have listed the most popular and trusted exploits.
  2. Download the exploit you chose
    if you are having problems here is a more in-depth tutorial- How To Use Roblox Scripts & Safety
  3. Open it
  4. When you open the game press Inject
    It is different from exploit to, exploit what you have to press to inject
  5. Paste in the Script
  6. Press Execute
  7. That’s it, you can now have fun with the script

If you are having problems you can join my Discord server and ask for help – Discord Server

This script contains:

• End Easy/Hard Mode

Great School Breakout Script GUI

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