osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack Free 2023 Undetected

The osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack bot is a free autoplay bot that enables you to play the Osu! game in an automated fashion. People get together with their pals to play osu!, which is a game that is completely free to play and has a large number of users.

If you are looking for free hacks for osu!, then you have arrived to the correct location.Osu! is without a doubt one of the most creative and innovative video games ever developed. Many users have messaged us on our Discord server requesting that we share an Osu hack. As a result, here we are today with a brand new Osu! auto clicker bot hack that is completely free to use.

Since the sole purpose of this bot is to provide entertainment, we ask that you refrain from using it to cheat in the games of others by outscoring them.

osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack
osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack


Features of osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack

  • Undetected
  • Easy to use
  • Fully free to download
  • Auto Bot.
  • Auto Play osu game.
  • Auto clicks.

How osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack

  1. Download the latest version of the hack from below.
  2. Turn off all anti-viruses.
  3. Unzip all files and place them in the desktop folder. (pass: 123)
  4. Find the Songs folder by going to osu! settings, scrolling to update section, and click open osu! folder. Then copy the folder’s path.
  5. Run the exe file.
  6. Open the osu! folder from the open menu that the cheat opened.
  7. Find the song you want to play and select the correct difficulty (very important, your mouse will not move if you select the wrong difficulty, restart your computer if this happens and select the correct song).
  8. Go to osu settings and find mouse settings from there turn off “Raw input” (if already disabled, do nothing).
  9. Start the song and don’t touch your mouse or keyboard.
  10. Enjoy the Autobot.

Also, if you want to select a different song, simply close the hack exe, open it again, and select a different song.The New Osu Cheat added

  • Relax and Timewarp cheat only.
  • Status of Relax is Undetected.
  • Status of Timewarp got Detected.
  • Run before Osu and press 1 to start


We are not responsible for how this bot is being used, it is posted for educational purposes. All credits are given to their respected owners.

osu Auto Clicker Bot Aim Hack Download 2023

Winrar Password: 123