Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script 2023 [All Weapons] Safe

We have all been playing Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script and enjoying it, but sometimes it may be incredibly hard to control the recoil of the weapons in the game. As a result, we have produced a simple Rust no recoil script so that you can control your recoil easily. Rust is one of the most well-known games of all time.

This hack was developed by a programmer who goes by the name of sen; the rust no recoil cheat has been tried both on steam and on cracked rust, and it functions faultlessly and without any issues at all.

Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script
Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script


Note: Before continuing with the hack, please be aware that there is a possibility of getting banned if you use this hack with steam rust. This cheat has only recently been made available to the public, and a large number of players will use it, which may result in ban issues. However, if you want to use this rust no recoil on cracked rust, then it is all good and safe to use.

Features of Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script

  • Undetected
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable No Recoil
  • Works with arrow keys.
  • Safe and Clean UI

How to use Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script

  1. First Download the cheat from the link below
  2. After that Simply extract the file to your desktop
  3. Now run the exe, if not working try running as admin.
  4. See the controls and enjoy your free rust no recoil hack 2021.

How to use Rust AHK No Recoil Script

  1. Download AHK (search google).
  2. After that download the AHK version of rust no recoil.
  3. Double click it enjoy.
  4. Works with steam version as well (safe)

Tip: Make sure to adjust your in-game sensitivity to that of the hack sensitivity.Hotekeys:

  • CTRL + TAB to Enable.
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 1 / AK47 Recoil.
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 2 / LR-300 Recoil.
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 3 / SAR Recoil (Removed).
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 4 / Custom Recoil.
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 5 / MP5 Recoil.
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 6 / Thompson Recoil.
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 7 / M39 Recoil (Removed).
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 8 / M92 Recoil (Removed).
  • CTRL + NUMPAD 9 / M249 Recoil (BE CROUCHED).
  • CTRL + NUMPAD + / Cycles weapon sights (Simple – Holo – 8x – 16x – None).
  • CTRL + NUMPAD ENTER / Cycles weapon barrels (Supp – Boost – Break – None).


  • CTRL + Left Arrow / Makes recoil less random.
  • CTRL + Right Arrow / Makes recoil more random.
  • CTRL + Up Arrow / Increase programs sens to match in-game.
  • CTRL + Down Arrow / decrease programs sens to match in-game.

Download Rust No Recoil Hack Free Script


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