Treatment for Oily Skin 2023

You’ve come to the right place for Treatment for Oily Skin. On, we tell you the best ways to get rid of oily skin problems.

Skin with high sebum production. The skin is prone to getting completely oily, and the skin looks oily even when you wake up. Since this is the group I am a part of, I would like to share with you what I know and have experienced on this subject.

It is a beautiful skin type because it has a healthy skin structure as long as we do not damage the barrier. Sebum secretion is our protective layer. It minimizes sensitivity, of course, with the right care.


Treatment for Oily Skin What is Sebum?

Sebum, briefly defined as the sebaceous glands in the skin, helps to protect the Treatment for Oily Skin and hair from drying out and helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, provide skin elasticity, and protect against bacteria that may come from outside. It is also important in increasing resistance to environmental factors. Sebum is important for both skin and hair.

The function of sebum secretion is much more in newborn babies. However, with the advancement of age, sebum can change both in quantity and content.
Serum is our protective layer. Since it is missing in dry skin, it is usually accompanied by sensitivity. Dry skin is a very sensitive skin type, it is very important to act gently.

For dry skin care; If your skin is slightly dry, foam or gel cleanser suitable for your skin type should be preferred, very dry skin should stay away from foam cleanser and you can only choose cream cleanser products.

Treatment for Oily Skin

Treatment for Oily Skin, the moisturising step should never be skipped, if the skin is flaky and crusted, you should not use particle peeling. Controlled acid use or enzyme peeling and abundant moisturising with it can solve the problem of flaky appearance. If there is a tendency to acne, you can choose serum + light structured cream that will moisturise instead of direct oily dense cream.

Treatment for Oily Skin, since it is accompanied by sensitivity, you should stay away from sensitising ingredients such as essential oils, drying alcohols. If sensitivity is high, it is useful to avoid products with a fluffy content list.

  • In the morning you can wash your face with water only.
  • If your skin does not need moisture, you can apply a moisture-attracting serum to your slightly wet skin under the moisturiser and a suitable skin care oil on it.
  • You can choose alpha and poly hydroxy acids, which have a peeling effect as well as a moisture-absorbing effect on the skin.
  • You should definitely stay away from drying cleaning products because your skin is prone to acne.
  • Your skin may shift to karma in summer, you can change the routine accordingly.

The fluid generated by the sebaceous glands is known as sebum. Sebaceous glands generally produce a material known as sebum. This secretion contains oil-like qualities, and its aim is to protect the skin. A substantial portion of the sebaceous glands in the body are situated in hair follicles, and the secretion occurs on the surface of the hair follicle.

Causes of Oily Skin and What to Do;

  1. Cleaning the Treatment for Oily Skin more than necessary damages the barrier and further increases sebum production.
  2. Cleaning at most twice a day is sufficient. If the cleansing product causes tightness and dryness, you should change the product to one suitable for your skin.
  3. No matter how oily the skin is, it always needs moisture. Our sebum, our barrier that prevents moisture loss, is intact, but moisture may be lacking.
  4. The sunscreen you apply after cleansing in the morning may be sufficient, but using extra moisturizer underneath may cause vomiting on your skin. We can move forward by observing. You can even apply a moisturizing tonic at this stage. The perception that an oil-based cleanser is not suitable Treatment for Oily Skin is wrong. In fact, the logic of a like-for-like solution, which is exactly what we need, can remove the excess sebum on our skin. We can minimize the formation of blackheads, acne, and comedones.
  5. You can switch to two-stage cleaning, which I noticed a lot. Treatment for Oily Skin Instead of removing makeup and sunscreen in one step, I try to do a two-step cleanse. After the oil-based cleanser, I clean my skin with a normal-hardness cleansing product. It cleans my skin more gently and prevents my pores from becoming clogged.
  6. Salicylic acid is an ingredient that makes a difference. It restrains acne and blackheads and also reduces the skin’s sebum with its oil-dissolving effect.

What to do for oily skin;

  • Treatment for Oily Skin Cleansing, tonic, and sunscreen rituals will be quite sufficient.
  • Skin types may differ in the winter. It may turn dry or mixed; adjust your routine accordingly.