Ability Wars Script 2023 | Hitbox Expander & More

The for Ability Wars Script is now available on our website for the very first time. It was just released, and we have tested it to verify that it is both reliable and usable. The script provides a wide variety of useful and entertaining features, such as Badges, SpeedWalk, Anti KnockBack, HitBoxes, Godmode, Kill All, ESP Box, Healthbar, and Join Server.

Ability Wars was first released in December of 2017, and since then, the website has had more than 80 million page visits. Additionally, the number of active online players for Ability Wars currently exceeds 7,000. You can, as always, acquire this useful script for free from this website, and you don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of the game simply because you’re using it because it’s not against the rules.

Ability Wars Script
Ability Wars Script

Features of  Ability Wars Script

  • God mode
  • Kill aura
  • Ignore reverse
  • Kill all
  • And more

How to execute Ability Wars Script:

  1. Verify your Roblox installation to determine whether you have an Executor (any)
  2. Obtain the file from the link below, and then execute the script inside of it.
  3. Just load up Roblox, go to the Ability Wars.
  4. Run Executor, click “Inject it Now,” paste the script, then hit “Execute!”
  5. It’s time to go back into the game and select your cheats.
  6. Enjoy your free hack