Orbit Counter Strike 2 Cheat | ESP, Aimbot and More!

Right now, there’s a flood of copied rubbish circulating in the Orbit Counter Strike 2 Cheat. These are blatant copies, evident from the identical bugs they share with open source cheats. That’s why I’m unveiling my own kernel free cheat named Orbit, making it accessible to everyone for free.

Orbit Counter Strike 2 Cheat

Requirements & VAC Status of Orbit Counter Strike 2 Cheat

  • Only works in fullscreen windowed & windowed
  • Available on the latest version of Windows 10 (22H2) and 11 (23H2).
  • Since this is a read-only kernel cheat, there is no chance of getting banned, you can safely use it on your main, just make sure not to get reported.

Installation Instructions

  • Press Windows Key + R
  • Type appdata and press Ok
  • Click Roaming
  • Put the “Orbit” folder here

Orbit Troubleshooting

V3.9.4 Fixed :

  • Updated Orbit Counter Strike 2 Cheat for the latest game version
  • Fixed snapping in Aimbot
  • Fixed features intervening with each other
  • Added key-binding system to Aimbot, Triggerbot
  • 99 Nade -Added a non-removable watermark
  • Auto-accept now works on lower resolutions
  • Scrolling by dragging the scrollbar is now supported
  • Fixed key-binding issues

This is basically what you’d find in a 10 eur/month external/kernel, so now that a cheat like this is free, I wonder what reason they have for selling their shit.