Fallout New Vegas Hack Free (2023) | FNV External OP Cheat

Greetings to those of you that play Fallout! Utilize cragson’s one-of-a-kind Fallout New Vegas Hack to give yourself a little bit of a boost. This cheat, which can be downloaded for free, is the only modification you will need in order to take your Fallout gaming experience to the next level. It comes packed with exciting features like as God Mode, Speedhack, and an Instant-Kill hack.

In spite of the fact that it has been more than a decade since the initial release of Fallout New Vegas, the video game continues to have devoted fans. The ever-growing popularity of the game calls for a one-of-a-kind hack, such as the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack, in order to boost the fun and excitement of game play.

Fallout New Vegas Hack
Fallout New Vegas Hack

What Makes the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack So Special?

The Free Fallout New Vegas Hack has a ton of cool extras that really ramp up the fun factor of the game:

  • Speedhack: Fine-tune your speed with the UP-/DOWN-Arrow when enabled. To refresh your speed, just draw your weapon.
  • Instant-Kill: Every damage source in the game gets stronger, so it’s recommended to enable God Mode.
  • God Mode: As the name suggests, you become invincible.
  • Promod: Experience a higher field of view in Firstperson and on your Pipboy.
  • Dumper: A debug feature for players, which prints your current pitch, yaw, and x/y/z coordinates.

Instructions to Use the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack

You won’t have any trouble learning how to use the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack:

  1. Download the hack from our website.
  2. Extract the .exe file from the RAR archive.
  3. Launch Fallout New Vegas.
  4. Run the cheat.
  5. Revel in the enhanced gameplay!

Developer’s Info

An external cheat for Fallout New Vegas (Steam) was developed by cragson, a fan that is very dedicated to the game. When developing this trick, the programmer had a lot of fun conducting study into the physics of the game, giving particular attention to the ragdoll system that was included into the engine.

Since the cheat is dependent on signatures, its functionality should be preserved over time; nevertheless, the developer cautions that he cannot guarantee the cheat’s continuous usability when it is combined with modifications created by a third party. If there are others who are interested in seeing the code that was used to perform the trick, Cragson has stated that he is willing to release it on his GitHub profile. In subsequent upgrades, we will provide a greater variety of unique features.


Everyone who enjoys the Fallout series will get a lot out of utilizing the Free Fallout New Vegas Hack. This not only increases the amount of enjoyment and entertainment that can be derived from playing the game, but it also offers a novel perspective on the mechanisms that are at play behind the scenes. Be careful when using this trick, and remember to show some consideration for the developers of the game. Continue to enjoy your gameplay while we bring you the latest information.

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