Infectious Smile Script Cheat – Auto Farm, Speed & More (2023)

Players’ goal in the terrifying video game Infectious Smile Script, which was created by Laughablehaha, is to put an end to a virus that causes them to become hostile. Players who become infected with the virus will take on the appearance of the Winning Smile face.

There are a few stages in the game that contain rooms with white “lava bricks” generated by camera stands. These bricks lead the player to become “infected” with the virus almost immediately. Orange “lava bricks” will kill those who are infected, while those who are not infected will be able to pass through them unharmed.

Players are able to survive the earthquake and ultimately win the game if they maintain control of the tower located at the perimeter of the playing field. This tower has a safezone that protects players from the effects of the earthquake. Check out this script that you may utilize at no cost and which is now operational.

Infectious Smile Script
Infectious Smile Script


Infectious Smile Script Features

  • Reach
  • Speed Hack
  • Reach Radius Speed
  • Obtain Bat
  • Bind Shift-Lock
  • Hit Aura
  • Obtain Bottle
  • Anti Infeet-Brick
  • Auto Farm
  • Others

Is there any Infectious Smile Script Pastebin

It is true that we have added and posted a functional Infectious smile pastebin script here. The script is operational at the present and can be obtained from our website in less a minute. Before using the script, please ensure that you have read the instructions that are provided below.

Hit the Download button at the very end, then wait for a few seconds and also for the countdown to finish, and after that you will be led to the pastebin page, where you will be able to quickly download the script or use it directly.

How to Use Infectious Smile Script?

  1. Grab a Roblox Executor first from our website.
  2. Play the game right now and wait.
  3. The executor and Roblox need to be installed together.
  4. The script’s code must be entered in that field.
  5. To start the injection, select Inject and hit the button.
  6. The moment you decide to access the cheat menu, it will start to load.
  7. Finally, simply relax and enjoy the script!


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