GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu Download 2023

Kiddions Mod Menu is the best !

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 is arguably the second most expensive game of all time, having spent 265 million dollars on its development. Its gameplay transports players to Los Santos, from the legendary GTA: San Andreas, for the first time.

The plot of GTA V revolves around three main characters (a swindler, a bank robber, and a psycho) who become entangled with the most corrupt US government officers and showtime business. The game throws players into an open world full of violence and missions galore as they play as the worst criminals around.

It is quite interesting in and of itself, and its graphics are of 4K quality, and the maps are as smooth and as large as envisioned. As you may be aware, almost all of the GTA series includes support for cheats and mods that extend the game’s capabilities. However, if you want a mod menu that is completely free and, most importantly, safe, you should use Kiddion’s Mod Menu.

GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu
GTA 5 Kiddions Mod Menu

Features of Kiddions Mod Menu

We have shared the remarkable features of Kiddions Mod Menu below for you :

  • Rig slot machines to win the mega jackpot every time.

    Lucky Howell’s RP instant push safe method is always a winner.

    Anonymous and faked personal vehicles Bunker hack anonymous and faked online protection from other modders in the lobby, best undetected code, and many more.

How to use Kiddions Mod Menu Update

  1. Turn off your antivirus and windows defender temporarily.
  2. Start GTA 5 in story mode and run mod menu.
  3. Press ok and go back to GTA 5 screen.
  4. Great!

Kiddions Mod Menu Commands ;

F5 – open the menu
Num 5 – confirm the select option
Num 0 – go back
Num 2 – function up
Num 8 – function down
Num 4 – decrease value of the selection
Num 6 – increase value of the selection

Kiddions Mod Menu download
Kiddions Mod Menu download

How to Download Kiddions Mod Menu?

It is very simple to download the Kiddions mod menu on your computer; all you have to do is follow my instructions and your mod menu will be downloaded.

1- First, please disable your antivirus and Windows Defender because antivirus sometimes scans these files and removes them

2- Second, click the red download button link provided below to download the file.
3- Extract the json and kiddion.exe to a separate folder on your desktop.
4- That’s all there is to it; you now have your own copy of Kidion’s mod menu.





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