Roblox Flag Wars Script | Free – HitBox, Chams Working (2023)

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You and your colleagues must dig your way into the enemy’s base in order to capture their flag and carry it back to your team’s base. Stickmasterluke’s remake of the original Underground War game. The employment of weaponry, which are utilized to participate in combat and capture flags, is the main gameplay feature.

You are able to gain access to whatever free features you want by using our Roblox Flag Wars Script. Read the entire article below to learn how to utilize scripts in Roblox if you’re not sure how to do it but are steadily moving toward becoming a more skilled player.

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Roblox Flag Wars Script All Features

  • Chams
  • Hitbox
  • Easy win
  • Free to use

How to Use Roblox Flag Wars Script 2023?

  1. Start by downloading and copying the script code.
    Go there to start the game on Roblox.
    The executor will now start.
    Connect the Executor and the Roblox Client at this time.
    The script should now be pasted.
    Now add the script.
    Benefit from the free script!


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